UNIVEC is the inventor of eCommerce.


For over 25 years, UNIVEC has been advancing innovation and meeting the needs of those who entrust us with their projects and processes. 

We tirelessly endeavor to serve our customers at the highest possible levels. We pride ourselves in finding and hiring people with the highest intellectual capital available, providing them with challenging opportunities and encouraging their innovation and initiative. 

We strive to always be top notch, offering quality in everything we do and providing the best value for our clients. This way we can fully meet our commitment to the nation and to our customers.

Everyday we attempt to sustain a corporate culture based on integrity; one that's focused on treating customers ethically and making their priorities our priorities. The quality of our people, the skills and dedication they bring to their work, defines our commitment to our customers. 

Our success is only defined by customer success, which we measure through customer satisfaction.



If your business is to provide Internet services, demonstrating that you know how to use the technology is critical to attracting and retaining customers and business partners. As one of America’s leading innovators, our clients realized that it is judged not only on the speed and reliability of its service offerings, but also on the swiftness, convenience, and quality of its interactions with the outside world. To enhance these qualities and offer instant, self-directed service, this client sought a web-based solution for the applications that were accessed remotely by customers and partners. Empowering various systems improves B2B and B2C interactions. The Background UNIVEC was a logical choice to provide the solution.


A trusted business and technology advisor to Government agencies and communication firms for more than two decades, UNIVEC specializes in consulting, systems integration and software development in the critical areas of customer interaction, customer operations, e-business and e-commerce. We integrate enterprise-wide business and operational support systems based around best-in-class UNIVEC and third-party solutions, and we extend these platforms to the web.



Customers Speak: UNIVEC listens

UNIVEC successfully delivers. That's why each year, a large percent of UNIVEC's business comes from customers we've served previously. We are proud of this testament to the satisfaction and the goodwill of our customer base, and we continue to raise the bar higher — we are committed to raising satisfaction as high as it will go.

UNIVEC's Putting Customers First (PCF) program demonstrates our commitment to becoming the supplier of choice in our target markets. We are taking steps toward achieving this vision through several customer retention initiatives aimed at incorporating our customers' voice into everything we do: regular customer surveys, an executive relationship program, customer councils, etc.

The goals of the PCF program are to:

  • Reinforce our deep commitment to customers
  • Strengthen our understanding of the unique and evolving business challenges faced by our customers
  • Maintain a constant pulse on how we are performing in relation to customer expectations
  • Continually refine our solutions, services, and delivery practices to maximize results for our customers


UNIVEC has always been a proponent of a decentralized business model. 

Mobility is one of the most important trends that helps us to stay close to our customers. We seldom compete with others due to the fact that our concepts are years ahead of the curve. Deadlines are irrelevant and and are moved by the teams in accordance with project requirements. 

Our goal is to work only with the best at what we do regardless of their location and language. 

We usually prefer to select future applicants ourselves. This helps us to engage the best and the brightest from around the world. 





Over the years, UNICVEC has developed deep expertise in select vertical markets. Currently, these markets are: new media and communicationsfinanceinsuranceenergystate and local government, and the federal government market, including defense, and civilian agencies.

Within these markets, UNIVEC focuses on major sectors that offer significant growth potential and that stand to benefit from strategic applications of information technology. This way, we are able to understand our clients' business environments, and to develop reusable tools and methodologies that support identified needs within these industries and speed the development of future solutions. 

International growth continues to be an important contributor to overall company growth. Our strategy is to expand and to develop new opportunities in Europe and Asia. 

UNIVEC is devoted to helping our clients more quickly realize the full business potential of emerging technologies in areas such as Information Security, Mobile Technologies and more.



Our business approach blends deep industry knowledge with strategic services, innovative technology, program management expertise, and Web-enablement to design and deliver integrated, end-to-end solutions. UNIVEC is committed to technology innovation through internal development and best-of-breed partnerships, growth of our people, and delivery of excellence in all our engagements.


UNIVEC is a business and technology consulting firm, a one of the primary contacts for the Department of Defense, Office of Paperless Contracting competing within the $100 billion+ IT services, systems integration, and e-Commerce market. 


UNIVEC provides a full range of services from defining business and technology strategy to implementing and integrating systems that help clients dramatically improve business performance and realize the full return on their technology investment. Our key services include:


Community Involvement

UNIVEC is proud of its commitment to the communities we serve. Our community initiatives are focused improving the lives of families. By partnering with non-profit agencies, we are able to deliver measurable results that provide our local communities with the support they need.

But, community involvement at UNIVEC goes beyond just financial commitment. Year after year our employees volunteer considerable time to children's charitable organizations. UNIVEC believes in supporting positive behavior and responsibility in children and young adults, whether it is in educating our youth on technology and ethical responsibility or providing children support and guidance with an UNIVEC mentor as a positive role model.

Charitable Giving
UNIVEC supports our employees' involvement in charitable organizations serving the needs of their communities. In order to request a charitable donation, UNIVEC employees must have demonstrated "sweat equity" or financial support through their volunteer efforts.

This UNIVEC-sponsored volunteer program encourages community building within UNIVEC and our surrounding communities. Team UNIVEC activities are geared to promote the ethic of community service within our organization and to channel UNIVEC volunteers into activities that positively impact the lives of people who need our help the most.

School Partnerships
UNIVEC participates in a number of school partnerships. We love to volunteer our time tutoring students, being pen pals, chaperoning trips to local museums, or even helping to wire a school for access to the Internet.


Founded at the beginning of the 90's as a visionary firm  to define the future of e-commerce and Internet technologies, UNIVEC stands for and abbreviated from of UNIVERSAL E-COMMERCE

From the beginning, UNIVEC set out to provide innovative uses of computer technology supporting complex business decisions. From 1996 - 1999, after a long approval process, UNIVEC received a contract from the Department of Defense, Office of Paperless Contracting. UNIVEC had to conduct a study for a multi - billion dollar "Paperless Contracting Initiative". This study included international contracting operations for federal government as it pertains to all procedures and systems providing required functionality. This study identified numerous drawback and pitfalls of the existing (to date) systems and developed the ways of the future.

The new developments and solutions identified and included the requirements for all future digital systems dealing with government solicitation and procurement processes. UNIVEC has developed a state-of-the-art system that integrated the results of our findings. This system was called SMS (Solicitation Management System) and it was used as a model for 908 government sites around the world.

  • UNIVEC's technology consulting for:

- The Department of Defense                       

- NASA                   

- The World Bank               


Customer Survey Results

IT+IQ=Service and Satisfaction

UNIVEC customers are loyal. This is reflected by a customer loyalty rating 33 percentage points above normative benchmarks* for the business and IT consulting industry. Normative benchmarks include selected questions indicative of customer satisfaction and loyalty. In addition, 89 percent of customers expressed high levels of satisfaction with the work UNIVEC is doing on their current engagement. Survey results provide valuable insight into our customers' perspective on UNIVEC's key strengths and opportunities for continued growth.

What Our Customers Said

Customers view UNIVEC as a trusted partner with know-how, integrity, and commitment to customer success. Customers identified the following UNIVEC strengths: 

  • 89% of respondents agree that UNIVEC has the skills and expertise to achieve results for their organization.
  • 88% agree that UNIVEC acts with honesty and integrity.
  • 87% agree that UNIVEC is committed to achieving success for their engagement.
  • 86% agree that their organization realizes a return on their investment.
  • 86% would recommend UNIVEC to others without hesitation (the 47 percentage points above the norm*).
  • 84% would use UNIVEC again for similar types of work (29 percentage points above the norm*).