Digital Enterprise

Transforming How Government Does Business


 Our combination of deep customer understanding proven technological expertise, and practical experience implementing large solutions shows that UNIVEC can be relied upon to exceed expectations. We have been doing business with national government organizations, local governmental organizations, intergovernmental organizations, large companies and nongovernmental organizations. 


We enable technological evolution

When military, intelligence, and civilian organizations needed a trusted partner to implement crucial enterprise business solutions, they choose UNIVEC.

We keep commerce flowing

UNIVEC has developed and implemented systems that process approximately $500 billion in tendering, bidding and procurements every year.

We increase business productivity

UNIVEC’s solutions in financial management, asset and materials management, and administrative management help customers exponentially improve their efficiency.

The Principles that Guide UNIVEC in Our Partnerships and Alliances

  • ·         Establish relationships focused on quality
  • ·         Value long-term partner relationships ahead of short-term revenue goals
  • ·         Focus on collaboration to develop and implement specific solutions
  • ·         Create an environment for collaboration between the UNIVEC Team and our clients
  • ·         Commit to client service excellence
  • ·         Continuously strive to make it easier for partners to do business with us
  • ·         Treat our partners with the same respect as we do our employees
  • ·         Strategic alliances are essential to our business, they are not just an initiative
  • ·         The success of an alliance depends on a company's ability to manage relationships like any other part of its core business

Ethics & Compliance's

Each UNIVEC’s employee must:

  • Promptly report in confidence any activity that is or may be a violation of the Code of Ethics or of law, and Cooperate in any investigation that follows

  • Each caller is encouraged to assist UNIVEC by providing information on how he or she can be contacted for additional information. All information will be held in confidence to the extent possible consistent with the obligation to investigate and re-mediate problems.