Seeing the Future



If your business is to provide Internet services, demonstrating that you know how to use the technology is critical to attracting and retaining customers and business partners. As one of America’s leading innovators, our client realized that it is judged not only on the speed and reliability of its service offerings, but also on the swiftness, convenience, and quality of its interactions with the outside world. To enhance these qualities and offer instant, self-directed service, this client sought a web-based solution for the applications that were accessed remotely by customers and partners. Empowering various systems improves B2B and B2C interactions. The Background UNIVEC was a logical choice to provide the solution.


A trusted business and technology advisor to Government agencies and communication firms for more than two decades, UNIVEC specializes in consulting, systems integration and software development in the critical areas of customer interaction, customer operations, e-business and e-commerce. We integrate enterprise-wide business and operational support systems based around best-in-class UNIVEC and third-party solutions, and we extend these platforms to the web.