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Company History

Founded in 1993, as a visionary firm for a future E-Commerce and Internet technologies, the UNIVEC stands for and abbreviated from UNIVERSAL E-COMMERCE.  From the beginning UNIVEC set out to provide innovative uses of computer technology to generate management information that supported complex business decisions. After 1995, UNIVEC had received a contract from the Department of Defense, Office of Paperless Contracting to conduct a study for a 9 Billion Dollar Paperless Contracting initiative.
 This study was conducted on international contracting operations for federal government as it pertains to all procedures and systems that provided limited functionality. This study identified numerous drawback and pitfalls of all existing (to date) systems.
 The developed solution identified and included the requirements for all future digital systems dealing with government solicitation processes and procurement. UNIVEC has developed a state-of-the-art system that incorporated the results of our findings. This system was called SMS (Solicitation Management System) and it was deployed as a model for 908 government sites around the world.

        Ref.: Point of Contact: Captain Ted Case

       Co-Chair, Paperless Contracting WIPT

       Phone:  703-767-3043

       Email: Captain_Case@hq.dla.mil


In 1996 we have presented the Association of General Contractors of America with our professional electronic bidding system called CREDO.. CREDO suite included:

-          Bidding module

-          Security module

-          Procurement module

-          Bond module

-          Contractor module

-          Plan room module

-          Communication module

-          Inventory module

Ref. AGC - Constructor

Construction’s Management Magazine dated: February 1996

Section: New Technology

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 In September of 2004, UNIVEC has received a contract from the City of Baltimore to develop guidelines for a 6 Billion Dollar City budget and a required electronic communication with over 40,000 vendors and contractors. UNIVEC’s software system allowed the City to manage the entire solicitation process in a fully interactive format. We have received rave reviews not only from the City of Baltimore, but also from contractors and vendors. The City had pioneered many new process and technological innovations over 5 year period, becoming one the first City in the nation to embraced electronic e-Commerce with UNIVEC.

 The scope covered:

-          Converting all project data in an electronic format

-          City Inner offices communication

-          City communication with its pool of consultants and architects

-          Preparation of solicitation

-          Hierarchal tracing of all projects and spending

-          Advertising of solicitations by the City

-          Procurement of bid bonds

-          Bid day secure processing

-          Bid award phase

-          Post award phase including financial transactions and procurement operations


Ref.: Boards of Estimates’ AGENDS –June 16, 2004 (page 22)

       POC:   George Winfield – Director of Public Works and Engineering

              Joan Pratt – City Comptroller