Innovative Solutions


Taking any decade since the beginning of the 90’s and you will be astonished to see our ability to predict the future. When people were trying to learn how to email pictures to each other (waiting for a dial tone), we have understood the future and cemented it in our name: UNIVEC (Universal E-Commerce).

Our vision and abilities were noticed by The Department of Defense while they were working on their 9 Billion Dollar Paperless Contracting initiative. We had been privileged to secure a contract to assist with that challenging task.  

Fast-forward a decade and you will see our mark being left on re-shaping The World Bank and NASA's tendering and bidding procedures. We had been able to achieve astonishing results to optimize their data flow by working together with their legal teams.

Spending a few years on cyber security had helped us to introduce modern solutions allowing using digital electronic signatures for RFPs, RFQs and other contract documents.

Digital secure financial transactions were presenting a problem for some of the US federal government agencies and, once again, UNIVEC had resolved this problem with a state-of-the-art solution.  

In 2013 UNIVEC decided to take our decades of experience building large-scale enterprise-grade solutions for the US federal government to create the environment identifying the next digital market solution for a private sector.

The main push for this initiative was the fact that businesses are going digital. Technology created protocols and systems; however, we did not see any new jobs being created to support this new market.

This disproportion identified the fact that something needed to be done, something innovative, revolutionary, far-reaching and profound. As always, the world needed a prototype and UNIVEC was happy to take on this challenge.  

We had called this new platform - GLOBLEE Suite.  

It is a digital marketing solution creating millions of job, breaking boundaries between the networks and cultures.


                        Over the years UNIVEC has developed or incorporated various software management solutions:

  • Fully interactive bidding process with multi-chain suppliers and vendors

  • International tendering procedures

  • Multi-level digital Procurement

  • Modernize government to more efficiently meet national and global challenges

  • Multi - level and multi - year global supply procedures

  • Implementation of Digital Electronic Signatures

  • Fully interactive Electronic Bonds

  • Electronic bid rooms

  • Solutions for currency transfer protocols

  • Cyber security

  • e-Learning

  • Digital internships for colleges and schools

  • DOD global eCommerce with satellite offices around the world

  • Provideing full chain solution to international partners

  • Transforming government to enhance the quality of services to our citizens