Our Accomplishments

Univec has created and demonstrated new technologies in the fields such as fully interactive electronic bidding, digital contract analysis, tendering, digital filing systems, procuremen and more. Below is the timeline of our work

Interstate Commence


1991 - 1993

Assistance with trade and tariff negotiations.  

Development of International e-Commerce and e-Trade concepts


Department of Defense, Office of Paperless Contracting WIPT

1995 - 2002

Study of shortcuts of the first generation of electronic bidding and procurement systems, preparation of specifications for the next generation of e-commerce tools and systems, digital security applications, digital signatures, standardization of project data transfer, optimization of data transfer between 900 DOD offices worldwide, building a working prototype of a universal bidding system, live deployment protocols, coordination with DOD partners, digital invoicing with vendors. Complete processing of bid information utilizing various programs and algorithms.


2000 - 2008

Creation of specifications for multi-year and multi-level price verification and submission, developing a working prototype for NASA’s worldwide procurement operations. Submission and processing digital invoices and schedules.

City of Houston

1996 - 1998

Universal electronic bidding system, scanning and file storage in digital format, Electronic plan room, development an on-line bidding advertising system connected to standard paper applications, receipt of electronic submissions from vendors and processing from the lowest to the highest, automatic distribution of project awards.

Conversion tendering documents into fully interactive forms, electronic tendering consulting, specs creation, technology demonstration, creation of universal tendering forms and formats, inner office data distribution optimization, outer office data distribution and receipt verification procedures, project review and award optimization, financial transactions, digital electronic signatures, lectures on the future of e-commerce, complete multi-country project hierarchy with assigning of responsibilities and authorities. Multi-country project tracking algorithms, variety of support activities.

The World Bank

2002 - 2005

Electronic Plan Room systems,

Fully interactive bidding systems

Document conversion into electronic format, digital storage systems,

Project advertising system, send/receipt of digital plans.

AGC - Association of

General Contractors

of America

1994 - 2004

Electronic bidding specification development, support documents for electronic procurement procedures, real life system tests, development of procurement documents guidelines for electronic bidding, proof of concepts presentation and evaluation, lectures on the future of electronic contracting.

US Army Corps of Engineers

1997 - 2002

Technology demonstration, lectures of electronic bidding procedures, conducting pilots un-compacting a real life electronic data transfer project, creating inner office documentation for digital procedures, electronic procurement guidelines, set up of the bid opening rooms, digital electronic signatures for project award, creation of digital invoicing procedures, introduction of digital bid bonds.

City of Baltimore

2001 - 2011

Creating on-line tools and solutions for digital bid bonds.


Surety Assosiation of America

1996 - 2003

Study of financial dependencies, bidding for public and private sector, tendering procedures for international procurement. 

  • Booze Allan Hamilton

  • AMS

  • ECRC

  • CTC 

Marketing &



2010 - 2011

Digital technology for open markets: 

2009 - 2012 - study & specs

2012 - 2014  - building prototypes

2014 - 2016 - software development

2017 - worldwide deployment



Globlee Bank

2009 - present